Friday 13 May 2016

Fall Of The Flamingo Circus - A Punk Facelift

Here is my new cover for my old punk novel 'Fall Of The Flamingo Circus' first published by the long defunct publisher The Malvern Publishing Company (UK hardback 1988) and then by Allison & Busby 1990 (paperback).  It was also published in the US by Villard (US hardback 1990). Of the self-made covers it is my favourite so far, using an old punked up photo of myself and a free stock image of folded paper.  Add a bit (or a lot) of Photoshop and there it is. 

When I shared the new cover on Facebook a friend of mine responded by sharing a link of some rare film footage he'd uploaded to YouTube - She's A Punk Rocker. It's an hour long and brought back some good ole memories of the way it was back then: daring, rebellious and energetic.

If you are a sucker for all things punk then you might want to read or watch or both!

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* Coming soon *  an interview with Lauren from Fall Of The Flamingo Circus. Not just Lauren but may other characters from all walks of life and all times in history!  Follow the link below to read more.

The Inside Story

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