Monday 3 January 2022

Writing and other goals for 2022

Writing and other Goals for 2022

It's that time of year again where I like to set out my goals for the year ahead. One year often seems to flow into the rest so much of what I intend for this year will just be more of the same and nothing dramatic.

Last year I finally published  'The Colour Of Wednesday' the follow up novel to 'Down The Tubes' and co-edited the Poetry Collection from our Facebook Group 'Don't Go Breaking Our Arts' (for artists and writers with long term conditions and disabilities) with Poet Alan Morrison. 

I also began my next big writing project: an autobiography of sorts, with an angle, which has been exciting and nostalgic to do. It really helped to discover that I can write on my phone in comfort and will sync with my iPad and computer. So all I have to do is copy into a Word document when next on my computer. I spent many a pleasant hour in the summer month in the shade of the beautiful gardens opposite tapping into my phone—doing two things I enjoyed at once. As a consequence I’ve written many thousand words already although I’m nowhere near finished so I may have to break it up into more than one volume. 

I also had one of my poems  ‘Lessons’ published in The Morning Star and I almost completed my Pet Peeves series of blogs; just a couple more to go now. So I’m pretty chuffed with fulfilling most of my writing achievements. 

This year I’m hoping to make a lot more headway with my memoirs, improve on the quality and output of my poetry and do more poetry submissions as well as finishing the Pet Peeves blog and maybe beginning another series of blogs on something completely different. I’m also hoping to find about more about arts council funding. 

Other activities


Hoping to continue with online singing via Zoom which gives much pleasure as well as keeping the old vocal chords oiled. Although I don’t want Coronavirus to continue restricting activities I do want the greater choose and online opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic to continue in perpetuity.


Continuing to collate the stories and information of my Jewish ancestry to honour and remember those who were Holocaust victims. 

Health goals

Last year I did try acupuncture for my hyperhidrosis. I’m not sure it helped a lot but I only had three sessions. It may have helped a bit as the Hyperhidrosis hasn’t been so bad since but that may be the mild weather. Social anxiety is a big trigger and the hyperhidrosis seems to be just as bad in these situations. There are one or two other things to try or retry but with each new thing that doesn't work it's easy to lose hope...

I did continue with the therapy for ME/CFS remotely, but that has ended now. I’m hoping to be accepted for the decode ME study in the new year, the largest of its kind and hope that by partaking in this research it will throw new light on causes and treatments of this debilitating conditions. ME has too long been overlooked and ridiculed.  

At some point I would like to be assessed regarding  neurodiversity. I think a lot of problems I had in childhood were now what we'd call 'on the spectrum'. I know several adults who have been diagnosed late in life and also many women on the spectrum have been under diagnosed because of their ability to 'mask' and 'fit in'.

I obviously have much wider wishes for 2022 that extend to a fairer world and a preserving of our planet but that is too mammoth in scope for my little corner of the Internet...

So it just remains for me to wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!