Friday 4 January 2019

Goals for 2019

A fresh new year is a great time to start anew or to make yourself some goals for the year ahead and this year is especially important as I'll be reaching a milestone age whether I like it or not!  But I've been doing my year's goals for the last few years now, and for the last year or two I decided to include them in my blog - the writing goals at least. It's a good exercise in taking stock and reviewing what is important, as well as seeing which goals have slipped down the list or off it altogether!  This may be due to lack of time or energy or interest.  But that is life. Ideas evolve, things on the back burner move to the front one and vice versa, while others still are taken off the ring for the foreseeable. 

Writing Goals

Last year I made a lot of progress with my follow up to Down The Tubes. My last word count showed my work in progress to be just shy of 50,000 words which is the usual length of my books! However I've not finished the first draft yet.  I've not been writing quickly, just steadily, and not rushing at it.  But it's the research that's been slowing me down.  It always seems as if I'm not doing anything while I'm researching. There's nothing tangible to show for it, as I collect reams of facts or images or immerse myself in a subject area, even though I'll only be using a fraction of it. But that immersion is important.  So this is my first writing goal. To make good progress with Down The Tubes. Preferably finishing the first draft which I think is achievable.  The second and subsequent drafts should be a lot easier.

My second writing goal is to make progress with another Little Guide.  I have already started elaborating on the ideas but progress is very slow, in part, due to long term health problems (see below).

My third writing goal is to update my satirical anti-novel  Lost The Plot and to get another couple of books into paperback.  I'm never sure though whether all the time and effort putting an e-book into paperback is worth it since I don't sell paperbacks at all. They're nice to have and hold, and to give us gifts.  But I guess many people won't take the chance on an unknown writer - not for the price of a paperback in comparison to an e-book. 

Finally, I shall still try one or two traditional publishers or small presses. I think we all like that vote of confidence and self-belief that publishing affords, and yet at the same time I do like being in control of my own products.

Health goals

Nearly ten years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  But the symptoms are so similar to overlapping conditions, especially ME. In fact, many people with FM also have ME.  The ME specialists in my neck of the woods are good with ME and treat it a neurological condition so I would like to be referred to a specialist.  I did a free 30 minute phone consultation with the ME Association and my symptoms are very consistent with ME.  I'm not sure how this will help in the treatment stakes but at least they will do a batch of tests to rule out other conditions (I hope).  Some of these I have had to do myself. 

I would love to get on top of my other conditions, the worst being Hyperhidrosis.  

Because of the above, I feel I need more input from an enabler, especially with practical help. We (my sister and I) have some very welcome help in the form of transport but other practical help would be welcome too. 

This also relates to my resolve to practise assertiveness and not to be coerced into or expected to do things that make me feel distressed, in pain and fatigued and also not to feel guilty. I did go on assertiveness course many years ago and in a recent situation where I was expected to do something I couldn't, I just ignored it.  I can't change others behaviour but I don't have to engage with it.  So I am going to draw on that very rusty advice in future! 

To try CBD oil, Turmeric with Black Pepper, and Melatonin.  But I have to do these methodically and one at a time to know of there are any benefits.

House Improvement Goals

Making better use of the space in our sitting room, particularly book shelves and units.  Need to get something bespoke.

Also possible shower removal and have a shower over the bath. The removal of the shower can then give me a larger bedroom because as it is I have very little room for manoeuvre.

Other Goals

I would love be able to get back to drop in singing sometimes (but this will depend on getting on top of certain health problems)


Help my sister with a website (this is one of those goals which keeps getting postponed but I need my sister to have something to put on her website first! She has the original art but she needs to get some cards or smaller copies of her work.

Well, not sure all these are achievable and as always they will probably evolve during the course of the year but hey, c'est la vie.

Happy New Year!