Tuesday 11 December 2018

That Time Of Year Again!

Yes, December has come round again and it's that time of year to evaluate what I've achieved this year!

One of my first goals for this year was to do more writing. I have tried to stick to that where I can, without getting too distracted by social media but it has been a struggle sometimes.  But at the last count I had almost reached 50 thousand words with my follow up to Down The Tubes. As I only begun it last October I am quite pleased with this.  Like knitting rows, the lines grow, slowly and surely into a shape.  Well, I'm hoping it's a shape. But the first draft is the hardest, the shaping and polishing of the second and subsequent drafts is the really enjoyable part.

I also resolved to put another two books back into print.  The ones that seemed most likely at the beginning of the year were Did You Whisper Back? and Suckers n Scallies.

But in fact it turned out to be Thalidomide Kid

I also wanted to begin another Little Guide type of book and I am pleased to say that I've at least started jotting down some notes for this. 

These were my main writing goals.  I had reading goals (books to be read) and I have managed to read and review most of those I'd set myself to read this year.  The other goals were non-writing ones but we also managed to have our garden decking replaced by paving!  This had been on the cards for ages so we're really pleased to get it done and have it admired by several neighbours! And the great thing about it is, the rain really brings out the colours of the stones as you can see.

Well, I hope you've all had a good 2018 and managed to fulfil your goals and chase your dreams.  I try not to make too many at the beginning of a year so they are manageable and achievable.  It will soon be time to make those for 2019 so I better remember that!

Anyway, that just leaves me to wish you all a merry festive season and a big thank you to new readers  and reviewers who have read and enjoyed my books, and supported me through out the year.  It means so much and makes all the difference.

A happy new year to one and all X

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