Monday 21 August 2017

Redesign for cover of the Unhip Guide!

Earlier this year, Book Life, the digital arm of Publishers' Weekly, were offering authors to submit a book of theirs for a cover uplift.

I had, at that point, wanted to do one for Little Guide To Unhip, so this offer came at just the right time.  I submitted it and was delighted to be one of the authors selected.  My redesign was scheduled for July but Deborah from Tugboat Designs, got in touch early in the year, to ask me for my ideas for the cover.  I had quite a clear idea for the design so submitted my ideas and Deborah produced the mock ups in June. She had three possibles and it was hard to choose between two of them, so I picked the brains of my nearest and dearest as well as fans from the days of Authonomy where the book was first showcased on their site back in 2010.

So here it is!  It needed a few tweaks and we had a lot fun getting the right shade of socks under the sandals and the right unhip briefs to hang on the line!

If you'd like to read more you can by following the link below:

Little Guide To Unhip is available from the following places:








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